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A WWE Surprise

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Ali talking to the WWE announcer before going live.
Ali and the announcer

The Surprise

Ali’s father and I decided to surprise him with tickets to WWE last night in Augusta, GA.  We hinted at the prospect of a surprise on Friday.  Why did we do that?  He asked constantly of when would he receive his surprise.  The buildup was brutal.  LOL!  He was so eager to find out what it was.  After arriving at the James Brown Arena, he finally figured out that he was going to see a WWE event.  After standing out in the sun for what seemed forever, we finally got into the arena.  We took our seats in section 223.  Immediately, Ali didn’t like the seats because we were elevated.  Last year we had floor seats but both Ali and Tyson had a hard time seeing over everyone else.

Ali received ringside tickets to enjoy the action up close and personal.
Ringside tickets at WWE Augusta.

The Ultimate Surprise

Not long after sitting Vinny who works with WWE came over and asked who was WWE fans.  Ali exclaimed he was.  His dad and myself could careless but we know how much he loves it.  Vinny asked would Ali be willing to answer a few questions on camera.  Of course, he said yes.  The announcer came over and talked to us a bit.  Ali was a bit anxious at being on camera but let me tell you once the camera was rolling there was no nerves.

I recorded Ali talking to the announcer but please forgive me my phone was upside down.  Basically, Ali told the announcer that Roman Reigns was his favorite fighter.  The announcer asked what is one of Roman Reigns moves.  Ali said the superman punch.  He also went on to say that he loves Roman Reigns, whoever fighting him better get ready, when he grows up he’s going to fight with him.  The reward for doing this was RINGSIDE TICKETS!  We couldn’t believe it!

The Emperor, Ali's favorite WWE wrestler
Roman Reigns

A Dream Come True

So, you would think this would be the epitome of the night but no!  The night went on with Big Cass throwing him the shirt he was wearing.  He got to clap hands with a few of the other fighters passing by.  But his highlight was being able to take a picture with Roman Reigns.  He said he would never forget this night.  I’m so proud and happy for him.

And to think I tried to get out of going.  Although I’m the only girl in the house I get to experience and make memories with all the boys in my house.  Which means more to me every day that I live.

 Click here to watch Ali and the announcer.


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Wow! The surprise is well thought of. Amazing.

Jacqueline Marie

How awesome for your son and the whole family! I’m sure it is something that he will remember forever! And how great of the organization to upgrade you all for participating and for the WWE people to keep the crowd involved with throwing out souvenirs and being willing to take pics with their fans. 🙂


This is such a great story. I love the video! He is such a cute boy!


What a fabulous way for the night to turn out! Who would have known your wonderful surprise would snowball like that? I have a fourteen year old son, and although I don’t share many of the same interests, whenever I can watch his eyes light up, it is worth it to go out of my comfort zone. Nice work, Mom and Dad!👍


What a great moment for your family! You will all remember this night. It’s great to see kids experience something they really love!


How fun!


My brother was obsessed when we were little. It would have been a dream come true for him as well! How awesome for him to get such a great surprise. Thanks for sharing!


Oh my gosh! What a cool thing for your son to experience! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Amanda Abel

What a great memory your little guy will remember forever!


Lucky kid! I’m sure he was super pumped!

Michelle Kunkel

Such a great surprise. I know from experience that it is the best feeling in the world to see your child extremely happy.


What a fun and special memory for your son and your whole family! 🙂 He’s so cute in the video. He’s a natural. 😀