Being a mom of 3 boys and 1 angel in heaven has been a blessing and a roller coaster ride.  At ages 26, 9, and 4, there is always something to do but not enough time to do it all.  This both excites me and at times frustrates me because I feel I’m letting someone down if I’m not able to complete all tasks in this very limited 24-hour day!  LOL!  How many of you ever felt this way?

This is me at my son’s best friend wedding.


My name is Shelanda Brown.  I’ve lived in my small rural town of South Carolina all my life.  Between my full-time job as a financial analyst and the two boys that are home time just seems to slip away.  I love spending time with my children and traveling whenever I get the chance.

I’ve always wanted to start writing.  So, this blog is the beginning of fulfilling a dream of mine.

William and Ali


William is an Airman in the US Air Force.  Now, he and his family are stationed abroad.  In Oct 2016, I was able to welcome my first bio granddaughter into the world.  I am also a very proud grandparent of two beautiful children through my daughter-in-law.  They will hopefully return to the states in December 2018.

Ali and Tyson at the Martin Luther King Memorial


Ali is 9-years old and named for Muhammed Ali.  He’s very passionate about everything.  He loves going to church and praising the Lord.  He’s been attending a STEM after school program called DIG (Dreams, Imagination and Gifts).  This has helped him tremendously.  He has had to overcome many obstacles in his short life.

Ali and Tyson


Tyson is my precocious 4-year old.  He’s named for Mike Tyson.  Do you see a theme here?  The won’t be another fighter name though.  LOL!  Tyson is into electronics.  He runs everywhere.  I wish I could bottle his energy!  He is a happy handful.


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