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Becoming Motivated One Step at a Time with My Personal Fitness Tracker

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features of personal fitness trackers
Infographic Credit @ Reviewsbee Types of Trackers



While at work today, a lady and I discussed the fact that we so wish that a magic pill existed.  You know the pill you take and the pounds just melt off.  Who doesn’t wish that pill existed?

Unfortunately, that pill may never be discovered or it will have it’s own set of problems that will come with it.  However in late April 2017, I made a conscience decision to get moving.  I try to fit in a 2 mile walk 3 – 4 days a week.

Kinds of fitness trackers

To monitor my steps taken, the number of minutes exercised, and calories burned, I use a personal fitness tracker.  There are two kinds of fitness trackers available: an all-day tracker or a training tracker.

Both trackers have features that help the user keep up with their progress.

An all-day tracker measures:

  • steps taken
  • stairs climbed
  • duration of exercise
  • calories consumed and burned
  • active minutes
  • sleep time. 1

A training tracker measures:

  • heart rate
  • breathing patterns
  • speed
  • miles walked, run, or traveled
  • lap times of swimming
  • changes in altitude
  • all the features of the all-day tracker. 2

Another feature I like is my fitness tracker can log my results in an app synced on my phone.  I can also keep up with the amount of water I’ve consumed throughout the day.

Having a personal fitness tracker keeps me encouraged that although I don’t have the magic pill I am going in the right direction as far as my health.  I know that I feel much better.  I can now walk the two miles and not struggle like I did in the beginning.

Another feature that I like about my fitness tracker is the sleep monitoring.  I am able to see how much sleep I’m receiving every night.  It was eye wakening because I realized at one point I was getting less than six hours of sleep!

There are many fitness trackers in the marketplace.  If you’re looking for information on Fitness Trackers read more on the top ten fitness trackers available.

Do you use a fitness tracker?  Has it helped you stay motivated?  Share your thoughts on the kind of fitness tracker you use.

1 Information collected from Top 10 Best Activity Trackers Review 2017

2 Information collected from Top 10 Best Activity Trackers Review 2017


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52 Comments on "Becoming Motivated One Step at a Time with My Personal Fitness Tracker"

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Traci | The Petite Chef

Thanks for sharing about activity trackers! I’ve heard mixing things about them and how accurate they are, but I think overall they encourage positive behavior!

Kamie Berry

I use my Apple watch fitness tracker now, but I’ve been a big fan of Fitbit in the past. It really does keep me motivated because it lightly zaps me if I’ve been sitting too long. I’m still hoping for that magic pill someday, too, though!


It’s amazing what a little accountability can do in your life!


What tracker do you use? I have a Fitbit and so do the other members of my extended family. We like to compete!


I definitely need some motivation. Having the kids home for summer has wreaked havoc on my healthy habits.


Great post! And good for you getting moving, however, if that magic pill ever comes along, you have my email! 😉


I don’t have a fitness tracker yet. I’ve wanted a fitbit but haven’t felt justified in getting one. I think it might help with motivation, though. One day…

Michelle Kunkel

I bet using a fitness tracker would be a huge eye opener to me. I am sure eating what my toddler does is a huge part of my problem, yikes! Using a fitness tracker would probably motivate me to make changes, it’s the sticking with it I have a problem with!


Love that infographic! And fitness tracker are definitely a great motivation to me, specially when I see I haven’t walked in a couple of hours haha I currently use a Fitbit Alta and used to have a Charge 2 before.


Love my Fitbit. 🙂


It’s amazing how much information the trackers can monitor! Thanks for sharing!


I have a jawbone. Technology, amazes me everyday more and more. The fact that I can learn about the way I sleep (just from wearing my tracker on my wrist at night) is so awesome. Thank you for this post


I’ve been watching how many steps I take per day, and that has been motivating. I’ll bet a fitness tracker would be even better. I may need to learn more about this.


I wish I had a fitness tracker. Not that it would be tracking much lately! I haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks. Yikes!

Kourtney Elliott

This is great! I’m going to have to share this with my husband too. He’s always trying new fitness trackers. Thank you for sharing!


My 9-year-old has a Fit Bit and likes to see how active she is each day. I think it’s a very healthy challenge for herself that she sets herself. She doesn’t always use it but when she does it is a lot of fun for her. I should get one myself.


I’m a fitbit fan myself! I feel lost when I forget it at home. Great post, thanks for sharing!


Your infographic is great! Ilove those for quick share of good info!

Kristin | Life of Stones

This just reminded me to dust off my Fitbit and get to work lol thanks!


Love that infographic! I have the Fitbit and it definitely helps with motivation!


I’d really love to get the one that tracks sleep. I’m sure I’ll be horrified, lol.


I love my fitness tracker, but I haven’t been using it lately. You have inspired me to get back to it again. Thanks!


I love my Fitbit Alta! It has definitely motivated me to get moving a little more!


My fitness tracker really helps keep me motivated and hold myself accountable!


I use a Fitbit and find the most helpful feature to be the challenges. My husband and daughter and I are in a group with a cousin and various friends. It is very helpful to have weekly challenges where we feel that extra nudge to go out and get those extra steps. I know I have definitely done better getting my steps in in the two years I’ve had my fitbit!

Autumn Murray

Thanks for this information. I have been hearing a lot about activity trackers but have been hesitant to try one out.

Amanda Abel

I have an Apple watch and love it! It totally motivates me to stand more, walk more and beat my activity from yesterday as well as my calorie goal. Now I can’t live without it!