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Family Reunion and Road Trip to Richmond, VA

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The Convergence

Every two years the Ashley-Brown family reunion meet at a chosen location to celebrate family.  This year we met in Richmond, VA.  The drive to Richmond was uneventful.  It had been awhile since I’ve rode up I-95.  And yet nothing seems to have changed about it.  There is always some kind of work on I-95.

Our vacation or “holiday” as Tyson called it had the boys beyond excited.  We were ready for our road trip adventure using the checklist found here.

Ali was the first to go to sleep but never fear he had his pillow and blanket to keep him comfy.  The drive to Richmond was about 6 ½ hours.  Our first stop was to the Richmond Region Tourism to pick up bags as first for the family.  Inside the bags were a magazine about all the great things to do and see while in Richmond and also a map of the city with places to see.  If you are ever planning an event in the Richmond area, I suggest you contact the Richmond Region Tourism to see what they have to offer.  I worked with two of the best sales and services coordinators, Liana and Julie.  They were a great help to my reunion’s success.

The family reunion was held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Richmond.  The hotel renovations were not a problem while we were there.  Our coordinator, Meg, made sure to apprise the family of those renovations before we arrived. What I think was great is most of the family was put on the newly renovated 7th floor.  The mobile app by Hilton is top notch also.  I was able to check-in before the 3 PM check-in time with the app.  The manager’s reception and complimentary cooked-to order breakfast surpassed my imagination.

The Reunion Activities

On Thursday, we took the boys to the Washington Redskins Football Camp.  Ali really got a kick out of seeing the professional football players just yards away from him.  It was a great experience for him since he loves football so much.  It was pretty easy to get passes for the football camp.  I found information on the football camp from the Richmond Region Tourism website.

Washington Redskins Football Camp
Washington Redskins Football Camp

The highlight of my weekend was attending the Smithsonian National African-American Museum on Friday.  Before going here make sure you have your walking shoes ready.  Let me recommend to start down stairs.  This is the history museum.  It is very emotional and thought-provoking.  It literally raised the hairs on my skin to think about my grandmother being transported in the bowels of some slave ship.

Tyson copied his brother and re-enacted this pose.
Tyson copied his brother and re-enacted this pose.

There are other levels upstairs that showcase the evidence of African-Americans contribution to American culture.

Ali is named for Mohammed Ali.
Ali is named for Mohammed Ali.

On Saturday, my baby sister took her two sisters around the city and to a restaurant called Croaker’s Spot.  The food was superb!  No there are no pictures because I started eating before I realized I didn’t take any pictures.  Ugh!  If you are ever in Richmond, I recommend you check out this restaurant.  The servings are huge!  And please try the macaroni and cheese.

The banquet Saturday night was a success.  My sisters and I pulled names for door prizes.  I think the family enjoyed this.  Thanks to and Lorilee for providing free access to their site and sister sites.  They were a perfect complement to our family reunion.  A thank you also go to Wheel of Fortune for their gift pack.  I think my aunt really liked this gift.

My sisters and I concluded the evening with taking our kids back to the hospitality room.  My oldest niece called us the three Musketeers and she wanted to join the gang.  We told her she has to be at least 30 years old to join.  She didn’t think that was funny.  She went on to ask us questions about our childhood experiences in school.

I really enjoyed spending time with my sisters.  It’s very rare that we can all get together and just enjoy one another.  Kim next time you have to be in attendance too.

The family reunion concluded on Sunday morning in the hospitality room.  My father gave a sermon on training our kids to grow up in Christ.  When we focus more on being our children’s friend instead of parenting that’s when the trouble begins.

Reunion 2019

My weekend in Richmond was truly enjoyable.  Not because I go to take in the sights around Richmond but because I was able to commune with family.  To me spending time with family energizes me.  In two years we’ll descend on Baltimore, MD.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2019.

Road Trip Traveling with Kids - the Ultimate Guide
Road Trip Traveling with Kids – the Ultimate Guide
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Such a great trip! I’ve been wanting to visit the Smithsonian National African-American Museum. I love learning about history even though there are many things in our history that I wish didn’t happen. I’m hoping to take my daughter back to this area again someday.


Such a great family tradition and way to stay connected with extended family. You’re making great memories for your kids!


I’ve never been to a family reunion. I love this! being able to experience new places is a lot of fun especially with kids.


I love it there it’s so pretty and lots to do! I need to go back


Looks like so much fun! Hoping to plan one of my own for my family! 😉


What a wonderful trip! My family used to get together for reunions as well, but we haven’t in a while. It’d be great to reconnect again!

Jacqueline Marie

Sounds like you had a great trip with your family and got to see some cool things as well! I like your suggestions of checking with the tourism center when traveling. How cool for your son that you incorporated the football camp too!


This sounds like it was a wonderful family trip. I’m inspired to reach out to my own far-flung relatives and start the tradition of family reunions. Thank you for sharing your experience!


That’s so awesome that your family keeps up a tradition of having reunions! Not only fun for you, but such great memories for your kids to grow up with!


Sounds like an amazing trip!


Football and a museum. Perfect trip!


love the idea of a reunion. Hope to start this soon.

Janice Winningham

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy “only girl in the house”


This makes me wish I lived closer to the East Coast so I could go to some of these places! Someday!