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Do You Know How Your Credit Report Affect Your Credit Scores

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Many people today don’t realize how their credit report affects their credit scores.  Creditors use credit scores to extend credit to you.  It also impacts how much you pay for car insurance or even if you get hired for a job.  As a consumer, you are allowed one free credit report from the three credit bureaus per year.

You can also use credit programs such as Credit Sesame to evaluate your credit score and credit reports.  Here’s how I used Credit Sesame to help me clean up my credit report.  First, I signed up Credit Sesame before applying for my credit report.  Why you ask?  Credit Sesame gives you access to Transunion and Equifax credit reports.  You can use this access to gain knowledge of the work needed to strengthen your credit report i.e. old tradelines, incorrect names, and addresses.

Once you sign up with Credit Sesame you won’t need to pull all three free credit reports at the same time.  Choose either Transunion or Equifax to begin with.  You will already receive updates of changes to both of these credit reports through Credit Sesame.  Start the process of going line by line and account by account notating incorrect information.  This is your baseline to clean up your report.  As you send information to the credit bureaus to clean up your report, you will receive alerts from Credit Sesame of those changes.

Four months from your beginning date that you requested your first credit report, you can now request the next one either Transunion or Equifax.  That you didn’t request the first time.  Continue the process of evaluating your credit report.

Finally, four months later you can request Experian.  Using this concept, you will have a new credit report that should reflect any changes you made the previous months.  All while receiving notification from Credit Sesame of any current changes.

I love this concept.  How do you think it will help you?  Are you willing to try it?  Comment below and tell me your thoughts or if you have other suggestions.

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