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Just A Feel Good Story – Paying It Forward

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Paying it forward with a piece of my heart.

Paying It Forward

Paying it forward is a concept that has been around for a while.  I’ve participated in it while in line at Hardee’s or McDonald’s but the story below is a true paying it forward story.

Have you ever been on hard times and everything seems to go wrong?  There’s not enough money for food, bills, medicine, or any other necessities.  I know I have.  That’s why I just had to tell you about yesterday.

While standing in line at the tax accessor’s office, I encountered an older man who had fallen on hard times.  The man walked with a cane and told us he had 2 rods in his back.  He told the lady helping him he had unexpected medical bills that was keeping him from paying vehicle and renewal fees with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  He was worried he wouldn’t be able to pay his truck taxes and fees before the end of the month because of those extra bills.  The lady was very patient with him because he didn’t quite understand what he needed to pay and where he needed to go.  In total, it was around $60.

After he understood that he needed to pay $30 for vehicle taxes, he said he had about that much on him to pay that now.  Yes, I was very nosy but I took this as an opportunity to help someone in need.  I wondered if he used all he had now how would he pay for gas or anything else he might need.  I jumped at the chance to help a brother in need.  I told him come over to this window I’m paying your taxes for you.

He began to cry and hug me.  He said no one had ever helped him out like this before.  I cried too even the attendant at the window looked like he was about to cry.  I was overwhelmed by an indescribable feeling that my act touched him such a way.  I then made it complete by giving him another $20 to help with his renewal fees with the DMV.

Let me be clear I did not share this story to make me look good.  I give God all the glory.  I am happy that He made it possible for me to help and that I listened to His direction.  My only regret is that my sons weren’t with me.  I’d like for them to see the real emotion of helping someone in need.  I left without telling the man my name or anything else.

Have you ever helped someone and it truly affected you more than you imagined it would?  Comment below.

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